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ASAHI Technology

ASAHI CHIKAI™ is designed as workhorse guide wire for neuro interventional procedures.

CHIKAI family are as follows

- CHIKAI, CHIKAI 10, CHIKAI 008, CHIKAI black, CHIKAI black 18.

CHIKAI, CHIKAI 10 and CHIKAI black are designed for aneurysm treatment and CHIKAI 008 is designed to be used with flow guided microcatheters.

CHIKAI black 18 is designed as guide wire for large ID microcatheter delivery and device delivery.


Adivsed guide wires

AVM/AVF/Meningioma - CHIKAI 008, CHIKAI 10

- Requirements for these procedures :

Small diameter control - for reaching small distal vessels

Shape retention ability to re-shape - for multiple vessel embolization

Atraumatic tip - for safety in fragile vessels

Device support - for carrying floppy microcatheters

CHIKAI 008 : for distal anatomy

small-sized vessels

best compatible with Balt microcatheters

CHIKAI 10 : for mid-range to distal anatomy

larger sized vessels

best compatible with Covidien/ev3 microcatheters.

Aneurysm - CHIKAI, CHIKAI black, CHIKAI black 18

- Requirements for guide wire :

Control - for selecting branches

Atraumatic tip - to prevent aneurysm perforation

Device support - for carrying large-sized catheter

Tracking capabilities - for navigating tortuousity

Stability - for precise delivery of microcatheter

Stroke - CHIKAI black, CHIKAI black 18

- Requirements for guide wire

Control - for quickly reaching target vessel

Lubricity - to ease microcatheter advancement, for going past thrombus

Device support - for smooth delivery of microcatheters

Supportive tip - for crossing the thrombus

CHIKAI(0.014' workinghorse guide wire) - first choice for aneurysm cases

CHIKAI black(0.014' guide wire with increased lubricity)

- for more complex cases

for 0.017' ID microcatheters(stroke)

for distal aspiration catheter placement(stroke)

CHIKAI black 18(0.018' reverse-tapered shaft specialty guide wire)

- for large microcateters(stent placement and flow diverter delivery)

for 0.021' and larger microcatheters(stroke)

proximal aspiration catheter placement(stroke)


Coating differences

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