August 17, 2019

RMC held first Korean PEER(Penumbra Early Experience Round table)Meeting at Chonbuk National University Hospital recently on27 April.
It is not only the first time PEER in Korea but also the first time to use 3D flow model which manufactured in Korea instead of animal.
Without any effort to sustain animal life till the end of the training,attendees enjoy unlimited Penumbra aspiration with 3D model which all function are working exactly same as real patient vessel.

February 25, 2019

There was a first Comaneci PT at KSIN(Korean Society of Interventional Neuroradiology) on 12th Feb.

It was just 5 minutes PT and it is not enough time to deliver product information to the audience but the response from the audience was not bad.

Some customers who are familiar with balloon catheter  did express their expectation about Comaneci and it is very positive motivation to us to launch comaneci ASAP,even if it takes longer than we expected to settle in Korean market

It is just matter of time to settle down in the market  with  several advocates' support as Comaneci is targeted for niche market.

It will substitute for balloon catheter and stent for ruptured aneurysm treatment.

July 17, 2018

Product concept

Product line-up

Clinical positioning





 Support- flexibility balance (Asahi fubuki neurovascular guiding catheter)

 Delivery support(Asahi fubuki 043 distal support system)


Hydrophilic coating


Key features(summary)




June 15, 2017

Neuron™ family intracranial access system

Neuron™ family Recommendations

- Neuron 053 and 070 are compatible with short long sheaths with minimum IDs of 6F

- Placing Neuron 053 and 070 though at least two levels of tortuosity optimizes support

- Neuron max 088 is designed to be placed at the level of the cervical carotid


Comprehensive access device portfolio

This is truly the only soft-tipped long sheath specifically designed for neurovascular use. This is the foundation of every Ischemic stroke treatment and a stable, widely compatible .088” delivery catheter useful to deliver a WIDE variety of devices. NeuronMAX 6F Long sheath comes packaged with dilator for access directly through the skin, if desired.

             - “Soft-Tipped, 6F Long Sheath”

             - Extra supportive proximal shaft for arch support

               (Full len...

June 13, 2017

ASAHI CHIKAI™ is designed as workhorse guide wire for neuro interventional procedures. 

CHIKAI family are as follows

                                                - CHIKAI, CHIKAI 10, CHIKAI  008, CHIKAI black, CHIKAI black 18.

CHIKAI, CHIKAI 10 and CHIKAI black are designed for aneurysm treatment and CHIKAI 008 is designed to be used with flow guided microcatheters.

CHIKAI black 18 is designed as guide wire for large ID microcatheter delivery and device delivery.

Adivsed guide wires

AVM/AVF/Meningioma - CHIKAI 008, CHIKAI 10


  - Requirements for these procedures :

        Small diameter control  - for reaching small distal vessels

        Shape retention ability to re-shape - for multiple vessel embolization

        Atraumatic tip - for safety in fragile vessels

        Device support - for carrying floppy microcatheters...

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